Floral Basket


Carol said...


While procrastinating this morning, I found your blog. What a wonderful basket. Please tell me where you got the female image from. Is this a cricut image? and if so, which cartridge. Love your crafts, keep up the wonderful work!


ChatterScene.com said...

absolutely beautiful:) I am now following you. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you drop by my blog to say HI some time:)

Barbara said...

hello carol
thanks so much :-)

the cut is from cricut forever young cart.


Barbara said...

thanks so much chatterscene.com
keep coming back I'll have more items soon

Eileen said...

WOW that is simlpe breath taking and so very creative thank you for sharing your blog with me well bye for now Eileen

Pat said...

Hi Barbara,

It's your friend Pat from YPP. I'm known on here as Scrap-Wizard or Tubpat. Love the floral basket! Absolutely beautiful!

Ladybug said...

OMG, that is simply gorgeous!

Best of luck w/ your pending surgery! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

I'm now a follower of this amazing blog of yours!! :-)